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Rent Guarantee & Legal Expenses Cover

At Gatehouse Estates Property Management Ltd we understand that landlords want piece of mind through rent guarantee & legal expenses cover. As even the best of tenants sometimes experience difficult times through redundancy, business failure, accident, sickness and relationship splits – things that can happen to anyone, often through no fault of their own. Under these circumstances, even the most efficient Letting Agent may not be able to collect the due rent. However, we can now offer Rent Guarantee and Legal expenses cover.

With rent guarantee & legal expenses cover we aim to minimise the risk involved through protecting the landlord’s rent during tenancy and providing legal expenses cover in the event of rent arrears or a dispute.

For most Landlords, receiving the rental income each month is number one priority. Rent Guarantee cover – if the tenant can’t pay the rent provides:

•   Rent guarantee on all rent Payments for up to a maximum 12 months
•   60 Days from non payment of rent, to register a claim
•   Excludes first month’s lost rent.
•   50% of the rent for up a further 3 months whilst re-letting, after vacant possession obtained
•   Cover is available for all type of tenants, incl self-employed, students & companies              

Legal expenses cover means landlords don’t pay legal costs for disputes. In case the unthinkable happens you’ll be covered for legal costs relating to disputes with tenants or unauthorized occupants.

• £50,000 worth of legal expenses cover. 
• Covers any Legal Tenancy dispute with Tenants.
• For arrears of rent, we chase up the Tenants after the first 31 days.
• For arrears of rent, solicitors issue all legal/eviction notices.
• All costs paid – no excess applies.

No paperwork, no hassle – we’ll take the admin off your hands!

The Cost of this policy is 3% of your monthly rental + 5% insurance premium tax.
Eg. £500 pcm x3% £15.00 x 5% £0.75 (ipt) = £15.75 per month
As part of our Management Service we will take care of all the application forms,
paperwork and administration required for this policy on your behalf.
To benefit from rent guarantee & legal expenses cover protection or for more information on rent guarantee & legal expenses cover please contact us (01480) 433933 or visit
 P.S. Don’t forget the whole premium can be written off against tax.

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Rentals Lettings Estate Agents – Huntingdon, Godmanchester, St Neots, St Ives, Peterborough, Oundle areas. 01480 471444
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