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RAF Upwood, JAC Molesworth, RAF Alconbury, Geographical Position & Overview

Being posted to Alconbury, Molesworth or Upwood, near Huntingdon in the UK?

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The Tri-base area constituting the 423d Air Base Squadron and the Joint Analysis Center is composed of RAF’s  Alconbury, Molesworth and Upwood, United Kingdom.


RAF MOLESWORTH:  Located 14 miles west of RAF Alconbury and 11 miles northwest of Huntingdon.  Based here are the Joint Analysis Center (JAC), Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO), National Imaging and Mapping Agency (NIMA), Government contractors and other organizational units.

RAF ALCONBURY:  Located 3 miles northeast of Huntingdon and 60 miles north of London, England.  The 423 ABS Commander and his Support Staff, as well as many of the support units and recreational facilities for the Tri-base area, are located here.  The Family Support Center, Lodging office, Commissary, BX, concessionaires, theater, DoDDS schools and some base housing is included.

RAF UPWOOD:  Located approximately 14 miles from RAF Alconbury.  This multi-million dollar medical complex houses out-patient care facilities for military personnel stationed in the Tri-base area.  Most standard medical care is available.  Medical cases may be referred to RAF Lakenheath (approximately 48 miles east of RAF Alconbury) for care which is unavailable at RAF Upwood.


Sports and Recreation

The Fitness and Sports Center at Alconbury has saunas, equipment checkout, four racquetball courts, two softball fields, four tennis courts, basketball court, shower rooms, free weight room, quarter-mile jogging track, football field, volleyball court and nautilus weight room. Sports offered include intramural basketball, golf, flag football, slow-pitch softball, volleyball, racquetball, badminton, tennis and soccer, plus varsity soccer, softball, volleyball and basketball.

Outdoor Recreation Center

The Outdoor Recreation Center’s services include canoeing, cycling, windsurfing, scuba diving, walking and rappelling. The Alconbury facility also offers skiing trips, continental cycling trips, horse riding tours, whitewater rafting trips, camping trips and golf tickets. The center also has a retail shop.

Bowling Center

The Bowling Center at Alconbury has 12 fully automatic bowling lanes, a fully stocked pro shop, birthday party specials, video game room, slots room and league bowling.

Education Center

The Education Center at Alconbury offers associate, bachelor’s and master’s programs in a number of areas. Students can commute to RAFs Lakenheath/Mildenhall or take computer-based distance education courses in order to complete most bachelor degree programs.

DoDDS Schools

RAF Alconbury Elementary School offers classes K through 6, including special education, reading improvement, talented and gifted program, and compensatory education and reading recovery. RAF Alconbury High School offers grades 7-12. Both schools are accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).


The limited number of existing quarters makes it impossible to house all military families on base. The lodging facilities on RAF Alconbury are equipped for a family of four and include a modern kitchenette with microwave, cooking and eating utensils, color television (cable TV), DVD and laundry facilities. The waiting list time for military family housing varies from 3-12 months or more. There is no housing directly on RAF Molesworth; the Molesworth housing area is in the village of Brington approximately one mile from RAF Molesworth. Before you begin your search for off base housing you should attend one of the twice-weekly housing briefings.

Medical and Dental

The Air Force’s 423d Medical Squadron provides routine medical and dental care for all persons stationed at RAFs Molesworth, Alconbury and Upwood. A modern family practice clinic is located at RAF Upwood, staffed with two military family practice physicians, one PA, one OB/GYN nurse practitioner and three dentists. Specialty services are limited and require referral to either military or civilian facilities. In case of a true medical emergency, patients must be seen at the nearest civilian Accident and Emergency Room (A&E) or the US Air Force hospital at RAF Lakenheath.

Veterinary Services

A veterinarian visits Alconbury once a month.

Religious Activities

RAF Alconbury Chapel offers regular Protestant and Catholic services, and Jewish services as announced. Synagogues are in Peterborough and Cambridge.

Community Relations Advisor

The Community Relations Advisor is a British civil servant appointed to the staff of the base commander to promote friendship and understanding. She regularly visits both Molesworth and Alconbury to advise on life in Britain, from where to go and what to see to more individual concerns and queries.


The exchange, commissary, concessionaires and theater are at Alconbury. The shoppette at RAF Molesworth carries items of necessity such as milk, bread, sodas, pet supplies, and other groceries normally found in the commissary. There is also a variety of items normally found in the BX along with a frozen food department and DVD rental section. The Class Six store is included in the shoppette. There are gas stations at both Alconbury and Molesworth. The New York Pizza and Deli is the best place to eat at Molesworth.

It’s important to note that shopping in the exchange or commissary is only authorized for military personnel and retirees who are assigned to, or resident in, the United Kingdom. Visiting military personnel and retirees are not authorized.


The Consolidated Club facility offers a ballroom, function room, lounge, slot machines, video games, and bar areas for your convenience. The club has a rotating lunch and dinner buffet and a Sunday breakfast buffet.


Like other bases in the U.K., RAF Alconbury and Molesworth are receiving the Command Information Dissemination System (CIDS), which carries a great variety of AFRTS programming plus accurate military information at zero cost to the military member.

Cablecom offers additional entertainment subscription packages for a monthly fee. There is no need for converters or a multi-system television or VCR, because all of these services are provided in U.S. standards. CIDS also brings 12 radio stations to the homes — everything from country and adult rock to Fox Sports Talk and ESPN radio.

Skills Development

Skills Development (Arts and Crafts) at Alconbury has classes in brass rubbing, ceramics, glass painting, stained glass, picture matting, framing (self-help), heat sealing, drawing and painting, canvas mounting and fiber arts (macramé, cross stitch).

Community Activities Center

The Community Activities Center at Alconbury has a commercial travel agency, party room rental, pool tables, ping pong and darts.


The Library has six computers, wireless and printers, plus adult and children’s books and A/V materials including books on CD, DVDs and CDs. Educational, job-related, enriching or recreational books for all ages are available. The facility includes reading areas and a children’s area.

Information, Tickets and Travel (ITT)

Information, Tickets and Travel (ITT) offers full travel services to meet all your vacation needs including air fares, overseas travel, package tours, theater tickets, travel brochures and general information. There are weekly organized trips to local historical and family attractions.

Auto Hobby Shop

The Auto Hobby Shop at Alconbury has full time mechanics and a parts resale store to meet all of your automotive needs. Auto detailing service is also available.

Transient Lodging

The Britannia Inn offers affordable and comfortable alternatives to local hotels and pensions.


There are branches of the Community Bank and Keesler Federal Credit Union in the tri-base area.

Rentals Lettings Estate Agents – Huntingdon, Godmanchester, St Neots, St Ives, Peterborough, Oundle areas. 01480 471444
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