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Boiler Scrappage Scheme Launched

The new UK Government boiler scrappage scheme has just been launched, giving people £400 off the price of a new boiler.

boiler-scrappage-schemeThe aim  is to give 125,000 homes greener heating. While this announcement was made in the Chancellor’s pre-budget report, the take-up on the scheme seems to have been low so far. This is probably because most people are still either suspicious, or confused by the offer. Suspicious, as they assume they will have to buy an expensive boiler to get the £400 off, or confused by similar offers made by large suppliers to match the offer, giving £800 off.

The government alleges that the carbon saving from this scheme could be as much as taking 45,000 cars off the road and could save the average hosehold about £235 a year.

But, as landlords, you’re probably more interested in seizing this opportunity to upgrade your property at the lowest price.

To qualify

  • your property must have a working boiler and it must be of the lowest G rating.
  • The old boilers must be replaced with a high efficiency A-rated boiler, or a renewable heating system like biomass boilers, or heat pumps
  • Only home owners, or landlords, who privately rent out homes qualify
  • The price of a high efficiency boiler is about £2,500

Is my boiler G Rated?

The Energy saving Trust has stated that a boiler is likely to be G Rated if:

  1. it has a permanent pilot light
  2. it is gas fired and over 15 years old
  3. it is oil fired and over 25 years old

Get a free quote: If your property has a G rated boiler, Gatehouse Estates will:

  1. Appoint at least 2 boiler fitters to provide a competitive quotation in writing
  2. We will then apply to the Energy Saving Trust (EST) with your details and the details on the old boiler together with specification of the proposed replacement
  3. Once you/ we receive a cash back voucher from the EST, we can then instruct the Boiler Fitter on your behalf.
  4. The boiler fitter must be paid in full and the voucher can then be sent to the EST, together with the invoice for the boiler. The EST will then send the refund.

When will the vouchers be issued?
The £400 vouchers will be issued from 18 January 2010. You will receive the voucher approximately ten days after application. Vouchers are valid for 12 weeks from date of issue. If the voucher is not redeemed within this time, it will be cancelled and reallocated. There will be only one voucher per household, but if the voucher expires, it will be possible to apply for another if funds are available. Installations made before receipt of your voucher will invalidate your claim and you will no longer be eligible to receive the £400 rebate.

Please note that no vouchers will be sent out before 18. January 2010.

If Gatehouse Estates currently manage your property, we may be able to help you with stage payments for the new boiler. Please email Helen here to discuss.

If you’d like us to organise quotes for new boiler undr the bolier scrappage scheme, please use the form below and we’ll ge straight back to you.

Rentals Lettings Estate Agents – Huntingdon, Godmanchester, St Neots, St Ives, Peterborough, Oundle areas. 01480 471444
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